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Solo leveling translation notice

Read the notes carefullybefore you apply for Solo leveling translation:

* He/she must be an avid reader of Solo leveling. This will make sure that he/she is well verse on what he/she is working on.

* He/she must get the raw independently. We cannot guarantee to provide you the raw, sometimes we may some other time we may not.

* He/she must be fluent in English and korean, this is to avoid poor quality translation of the chapter.

* The translator must redraw and proof read themselves, we can’t help you. Sorry 🙁

* The translation must be done within 1hr (maximum 2hrs). If the time is consumed more than that it will prove to be useless for us because there are many competition.

* Each latest chapter translation will cost 50$, the amount will be paid through Skrill or Paypal. Skrill is preferable.

* The amount will be paid within 6 hrs (maximum 12 hrs, sometime even lesser than 3hrs) after the chapter has been uploaded to . This is to make sure that the translator does not distribute the chapter to some other site.

* The translator may request for donation, in such case the donation is yours. In this way, you can earn from us and through the donation.

P.s. if you have any doubts do contact us.